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Coal-fired pizza began in the early 1900s in New York City by Italian immigrants. The fuel was picked not by choice, but out of necessity. The intense heat created in those early ovens produced an unrivaled dough that was crisp, yet chewy and airy.

At Dick’s, we carry on this tradition by using the cleanest burning coal to recreate the simple, artisan experience to honor those original pizza pioneers.  Our simple menu allows us to prepare coal-fired pizza using time-honored methods in dough and sausage production, ham curing and use of local produce to achieve the best pizza experience in the Midwest.

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Available: Thursday-Saturday 1am-3am

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Follow the hanging bulb lit sign up the sleek stairway to the second level and the dreamlike trip begins. Illuminated with indirect cove, color-changing, LED lighting, the white walls and surreal white surgical floors, mixed with the global sounds, transform this simple concept into an unprecedented, obscure nightlife experience. With provocative anime and DJ booth positioned between two full bars, the aura is set for the standing only second level. The VIP section is intimate, elevated on its own platform, furnished with circular custom white high gloss tables and hand crafted white gloss vinyl sofas. Having an open ceiling, the view to the third level finishes exclusive VIP expectations. While ascending to the third level, the vibrant colors accented by indirect cove, color-changing, LED lighting illuminates the vibe. Glimpses of a bold, electric raspberry bar and grape colored VIP seating, surround a one-of-a-kind shot bar. This eccentric, high gloss Acme Pink custom shot bar features a 10' high gloss Acme Pink metal birch tree that is accompanied by futuristic ceiling-suspended gleaming white monitors.


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Dick's Pizza & Pleasure, Milwaukee
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